How To Increase Instagram Followers Free Organically (10+ Tips)

Hello Friends , Do you want to know How To Increase Instagram Followers Free ? Previously i told you about how to viral youtube videos . Today in this article you will get to know how to get first 1000 followers on Instagram . I am sure you already read a lot of articles . Where you will get Free Instagram Followers .

But i would suggest you don’t follow these tricks because those free instagram followers are for a while . If you really want to gain some Instagram followers in organic way then you must follow these tips which help me a lot .


How To Increase Instagram Followers

To Increase Instagram followers you must have a Instagram Account . If you don’t have it , then create a free Instagram account now .

Previously Instagram was not so much popular as Facebook or Twitter was . But now Instagram is the most popular social platform because 30% of the internet users are on Instagram . Instagram is the platform which has the bigger engagements for brands . So if you want to grow on Instagram like other popular creator and want to become a influencer . Then you must have an Instagram account with professional looks .

I don’t have enough time to spend on Instagram . But still it gets me result . To get your first 1000 real and engaging Instagram free followers , read these tips .

Complete Your Instagram Profile or Bio

It is very important to complete your profile . If you want to create a business profile or brand profile then use a good name . For example if you want to create a fan page for MS Dhoni , then must include Dhoni in your name . Also in username , because name and username both are searchable on Instagram search results . If you don’t have a good name or username relative to your keyword then you will not get the desired result .

instagram followers increase

The second thing for profile is about yourself . However Instagram bio or about yourself is something which is not searchable . But if you have a good bio then it will help you a lot . For example my name is suvam biswas , it will appear on my instagram name . But in my bio if i include who i am or what is my passion or what is i am doing right now etc . It will help me getting more genuine instagram followers .

Also what i noticed is if i add something related to tech or youtube in my bio , my profile appear on some users who are also in same category . For example if i add my youtube channel name on my bio then my profile suggest on other youtubers account also .

So that’s why a good bio could get you some trusted and geniune followers related to your category .

Be Consistent on Instagram

The next big thing which is the more important thing for any social platform is consitent . Because consistent is the key for long term success . If you are not consistent , then you will not get any result . Now you would be asking how to be consistent on instagram , you have other works also .

Well it is a obvious reason but consistent does not mean you have to post regularly or in every hour . Consistent means if you have only one hour free time in everyday . Then try to post on that particular time if not 7 days a week then 3-4 days a week .

Post Content based on a Niche

If you are new on Instagram , and want to increase your followers as much as possible . Then you must have select a Niche or topic . But you have to sure that the topic is related to your interest . Because if your Instagram Niche is not related to your interest then i think you are doing wrong . First of all select a niche for example my interest is related to YouTube or SEO that’s why i am writing this article right now . If your interest is related to comedy , entertainment , education or something else , you would have to post content related to that .

If your profile has the bio related to your instagram niche and you are posting consistently related to that niche . Then sooner or later you will get more Instagram Followers Free organically .

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Add Instagram Post Description

Description is the most important part . If you are looking on high profile instagramer’s then you can see they have some very good description related to their each posts . Descrption defines what is the post for or what is the details etc .

hashtag for instagram followers

Many a people thinks that adding description is a time waste but i believe adding description related to post is the smartest job ever to connect with more audience . Not only indtagram but also for facebook , tiktok or twitter thinks a post is good or bad for new audiences in this way – how much time a audience are staying on a post .

So if you have a good description about your post content then the audience will definitely read your description . And it will help your post to get more audience .

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Hashtag (#) For Instagram Followers

Hashtag has the power to get more Instagram followers organically . But you have to use it in a right way , don’t manipulate it . For example you are posting a content about ” How To Download Instagram Videos ” then in your content bio you must include 6-7 hashtags related to your content .

How To Choose Hashtag For Instagram

For example use hashtags (#) #instagramdownloder , #instagramvideodownload etc . But if your topic for that post is about instagram video download and you are using hashtags like #youtuber , #sundaymotivation etc . Then your post will not getting the result which you wanted . So use hashtags for instagram followers in a right way .

Post Videos and Instagram Stories

Now a days videos are the most engaging part on internet . Earlier Instagram was only for images but now you can post videos also in Instagram for 60 seconds . Not only on Instagram posts but also on Instagram stories .

instagram seo tips for videos

In terms of videos i would suggest upload videos related to your niche . And try to engage audience with your videos . If your audience watch your videos 40% on an average . Then your content will definitely getting more audience , this is the video SEO .

If people are liked and comment on your video then it helps to get more audience quickly . So try to saying like and commet or post content which is likeable .

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Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories has the power to gain you more Instagram Followers Free . Because people who are knows you but if they are watch or likes content which you are posting . Then your stories will suggested to them .

Use Hashtags For Instagram Stories

Now you can add Hashtags on your Instagram stories also . If your stories has the right hashtags then poeple who are searching these topics related to your post can see this .

But again i will say don’t use bad or others hashtags which are not related to your Instagram Story Post .

IGTV for Instagram

Instagram add some new and exciting features to their apps in a regular basis . IGTV is one of them . If you are comfortable with videos then post videos using IGTV ( Instagram TV ) . From using IGTV you can post videos more than 60 seconds .

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( Quick Tips) – Increase Instagram Followers

It is not something which is a part of Instagram SEO ( search engine optimization ) . But it will help you to get some useful instagram followers free quickly . To get quick instagram followers you must have to select some bigger instagram profiles . Like you are posting content related to mobile , laptops etc then select instagram bigger profiles who are also working on same niche .

Then just follow these profiles like their posts and put a beautiful comment on 3-4 line on a reluar basis . Follow and unfollow twice a day . And you can see you are getting 10-15 or more followers easily . But i am not sure hiow much they can follow you .


SO friends , i think now you knows how you can get your first 1000 instagram followers free in organic way . If you consistently follow these Instagram Followers Free tips then i am sure you will definitely getting some good result . And who knows hoepfully you are the one who will be the next big infulencer in our country . All the best .

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