How To Earn Money from Telegram Channel in 2022 [7+ Methods]

Do you know last month I earned Rs 25,000 from Telegram by spending 30 mins per day? You might be thinking this is a very less number. Yes, it is true. But if you work more consistently than I then you can make more money from your home through Telegram Channel. There are several methods to earn money from Telegram. Today I will be discussing a few of those which I implemented last month.

I have been using Telegram since 2018 but at that time my motive was not to earn money from Telegram. During that time I joined various Telegram channels for college study materials, cheap product deals, latest offers etc. But from Jan 2020 I am using Telegram to earn money from my own channel. If you also want to earn money from Telegram then you need only a Telegram Channel and a few skills. There is no shortcut to growth in a day or in a week but if you follow a few basic rules which I had implemented in my telegram channel Fantasy Deals, then probably you will get success in a very short time.

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How To Earn Money From Telegram Channel

You can Join Telegram either as a user or a Channel Owner. To start earning from Telegram, you need a Telegram Channel. Anyone can create a Telegram Channel using a few simple steps after signing up on Telegram. There are two types of channels in Telegram – Private and Public. If you create a public channel then it will be available on a global search. To popular your channel and earn a decent amount you need to create a public channel.

I am also a learner, a beginner in this online field. There are a lot of ways to make money online from telegram. I have been using only 5 of these which you will get to know here.


1. Amazon Affiliate Marketing

A lot of people who are using Telegram as a user, or subscribers of other channels don’t know how much the owner of these channels earns monthly from Amazon Affiliate Marketing. It takes only a few seconds to create a unique link and paste it on Telegram. It will be unfair to tell other user income. So I will only discuss my last month’s income from Telegram.

As you all know I have been doing ‘Laptop Review‘ on this website for the last few months. So to start Amazon Affiliate Marketing on Telegram, I didn’t want to take any risk. So last two months ago I created a new account on Amazon Affiliate.

At that time I had confusion in my mind probably Amazon will suspend my account due to direct link sharing on Telegram. But fortunately, my account got approved. Now I have been sharing Amazon links on Telegram daily 30-40 and easily earning 200 on average a day.

So I would like to suggest you if you want to start your journey on Telegram then apply to Amazon Affiliate and create an account. You just have to complete 3 sales within 6 months to be eligible. It is very easy to complete 3 sales within 6 months if you have a few numbers of subscribers. Once you complete it, Amazon Affiliate Team will verify your account and check whether you are applicable or not. To know more about it please watch the video.

There are a few things that you have to do to keep your account safe.

How To Keep Account Safe

  • Don’t share the link directly on WhatsApp, Messenger or direct message.
  • Don’t buy a product through your own link.
  • If you are a YouTuber or Blogger then don’t make any content which violates amazon policy.

There are a lot of other factors available, you can check these here.

2. Earn Through Sponsorship

If you have a decent number of subscribers then you can easily make Rs 10,000 or even more through sponsorship. If you are a subscriber on my Telegram Channel then you may have seen I only post 20-30 pieces of content in a day on Telegram. It is a very less number compared to other popular telegram channels. Also, I have only 2.3K subscribers on Telegram Channel. But you know my last month’s earnings from sponsorship was Rs 8,000.

Actually, I only promote fantasy apps, and fantasy teams on Telegram. If you have a few thousand subscribers then you don’t have to do much. Application teams who are related to your niche will contact you through email, Instagram or whatever contact details you have provided.

Nowadays fantasy apps automatically contact me to promote their app on my Telegram Channel. They pay me for this. Some apps pay on a monthly basis while some apps pay on a per download basis. The interesting part is when I asked them how much they will pay me if I write an article or make a video on YouTube. But they don’t want this. Because they only want to promote through Telegram. It has an obvious reason, if I talk about my channel analytics then my channel has 2.3k subscribers. And on average around 800-900 people view posts. But on YouTube having 2.5k subscribers only 101-5 people watch videos from the notification. It is the reason many application owners want to promote their apps through a telegram to get instant results or downloads.

So in this way through a Telegram in August 2020 my earning was Rs 8000.

3. Earn Money Through Affiliate Marketing

There are a lot of websites available on which you can earn through affiliate marketing. Other than Amazon platforms like Myntra, Ajio, Hostgator etc provide a very good affiliate offer. I didn’t talk about Flipkart because you can’t join Flipkart Affiliate now and other third-party platforms also stopped providing commission on Flipkart Sales. But as you all know to manage all these platforms is so tough. So here EarnKaro and its beautiful features come. Here you don’t have to complete any criteria neither you have to maintain any rules like Amazon.


You can earn commission on Recharge and your own purchases as well. But only you can’t purchase Amazon products through your own link. Other than these EarnKaro is really a good platform to earn some extra money.

If you have a Telegram Channel or WhatsApp Channel then simply download EarnKaro, Register and start earning. To know more about EarnKaro click here.

4. Cross Promotion on Telegram

This is one of the best and less time-consuming processes to earn money through the Telegram Channel. If your channel has a few thousand subscribers like I have 2.3k subscribers. So other channel owners related to your niche will contact you and request you to promote their channel. They will ask you your charges and then you just have to paste their channel link on your channel. This way, I earned Rs 500 through a single post for one hour. If they get a good result then they will contact you again and refer your name to other channels. So to earn money this way, simply grow your channel and build trust with the audience.

5. Blogpost Article Promotion

In my opinion, you can’t make enough money directly in this way. If you have your own website or YouTube Channel and want instant view then you can share your article link on Telegram. You can earn money through ads that are showing on your website or Youtube Channel.

In this way, you can share other website articles as well. I did not get any opportunity till now to promote any other website link. But if any website owner contacts you and asks to put their link on your channel, then also you can earn some money through it. But it is not so popular nor do many users apply this like the other ways.

6. Application Refer and Earn on Telegram Channel

Already I have mentioned this process in the above section. But if you did not get any paid promotion offers then also you can earn through this process. You may have seen many many applications like My11Circle, Vision11 has its own refer and earn offer. So if you share your application link on your channel and if subscribers install the app then also you can earn some extra cash. It is also a good process if you don’t have any sponsorship.


You know when I didn’t have any promotion offer, my major earning source was this. I was promoting My11Circle and 11Challengers last year and I earned a lot through these applications.

7. Earn Money Through Link Shortner Website

My channel is mainly focused on the fantasy cricket team, online cheap deals and online offers. But if your channel is on education content or news-related then you can earn money by providing news. For example, if you are providing any other website link then simply convert this link into a short link through a short link website that pays for a click. So in this way, not much but you can earn some decent income.


These are the basic way which I applied and which are genuine processes to earn money from Telegram Channel. Of all these methods my favourite is Amazon Affiliate Marketing and Sponsorship. Because I have earned Rs 25,000 from last month.

If you have any further questions on how to earn money online then please comment below. Also if you have any ideas or suggestions then also comment and tell me. So that I can post an article on it.

To know more about online earning subscribe to our YouTube Channel and follow me on Instagram. Thanks for reading this article.

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