Zero Investment Business Ideas for Students in India 2022

Welcome friends, I hope all of you are doing really well. Today after a long time, I am writing content for this website. If you are a student and want to know some best zero investment business ideas for students in India 2022 then you can take help from this post.

As you know, I am also a businessman. When I started my blogging business, I had not had many ideas about online businesses in India. I thought that blogging is something that could be the perfect fit for me. Thus I choose to blog as a career option.

But in 2022, you have a lot of options available. Some are free whereas some are paid. Because this article is all about zero investment business ideas for students in India 2022, So I will focus on those business ideas that come with no investment.

To start any new startup or business, you need to know something about this. Without having the knowledge you can’t survive in any business for a longer period. That’s why I always say money doesn’t matter, skills matter the most. First, you need to acquire some skills related to that business, and then you have to take a chance. Because any online business is a very time taking process. At least you have to work hard for 3-6 months to get some success.

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Zero Investment Business Ideas

You know I started my online career in 2017. At that time, I was only using cashback offers, shopping, recharge offers, UPI money transfers, and used to earn some money. When I became a master of these then I started my YouTube Channel in this niche. Then when I got to know about blogging, I started it too. And now I am a full-time blogger.

Before starting a blog, I never invested a single rupee but I earned almost Rs 50,000 in a year. It was not a big amount but I purchased two mobile phones and a laptop (borrowing half money from my parents) with this money.

If I wished I could start blogging without investment too. But my thought was to start it and make money quickly. I came to know that it’s easier to start a blog using WordPress rather than a free blogger. It is a less time taking and fast money-making option.

There are tons of online business ideas available that you can start without any investment. YouTube, Blogging, Content Writing, Freelancing, Graphic Designing, Editing, Scripting, App developer, Web developer, YouTube Thumbnail designer, etc are some of the options.

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1. YouTube Channel

When it comes to zero investment business ideas for students, YouTube comes the first number. Anyone can start a YouTube Channel and become successful without any investment. All you need is a smartphone and a topic and good storytelling skills. From day one you can’t make good videos. But once you are making videos consistently you will keep improving. Just like any other creators.

I have told you that YouTube is the best zero investment business idea for students in India in 2022. You might be thinking that how it is a zero investment business idea. Because you need a microphone, tripod, editing apps, etc. So, in this case, I want to make sure that without these accessories you can still run a YouTube Channel successfully. Only your Smartphone is enough to do everything for you.

youtube channel business ideas for students

2. Blogging

If someone loves to write then blogging could be the best option for them. I feel if you don’t want to make videos then blogging is the best zero investment business idea for students in India 2022. Here you just have to write content and for this, you will make money.

A person can start a blog for free or by investing a few dollars. Obviously, the second option is the best option. It’s because a WordPress blog is less time taking than a regular free blogger blog. But if you don’t have the budget then you can start blogging for free from, you just need to know some extra coding knowledge and put some extra time into it. Other than this, you can make money from both the options available.

3. Freelancing

If you are someone who has some skills then freelancing could be a good option for you. In our country, freelancing is a new trend and every young kid is trying hard to become a freelancer. But to become a freelancer like the successful one, you need to know some skills.

Freelancing platforms won’t charge you anything to register your account on their platform. But to get freelance work you need to show your experience. Because the client who is looking for paid services will give their work to the experienced ones.

So in this case, you can start freelancing for free for a few days or weeks. Once you complete some work and gain some experience then you can start working for money. This is a good way to start your freelancing journey. Many people are looking for different kinds of freelance work for cheap prices. So, if you provide good work at a cheap price then you can earn money a lot by completing a lot of freelance work. Some good freelancing sites are Fiverr, Guru, Freelancer, LinkedIn, etc.

4. Graphic Designer

This is a skill that everyone can’t do. I love graphic design a lot. But you know, I can’t make good graphics for my social media and my blogs. Thus I need to take help from others.

You can learn graphic design from YouTube and Google. Then you just need to experiment with your creativity. If you are thinking that after receiving a work you will start doing it. Then it’s wrong because practice makes a man perfect. And to create some good graphics you need to practice a lot. Canva is a free tool that you can use to make good graphics for your clients. Even my graphic designer makes every design for me from the Canva app.

Graphic design is one of the best zero investment business ideas in India for students. You can do it along with your studies. Hardly it will take 30 mins to make a good carousel or one-page post. Normally, you can charge up to Rs 10,000 for a single design.

5. Social Media Creator

Content creation is the future. Everyone is trying hard to become a creator. People who are following the right approach, maintain consistency, and put valuable content are the successful ones. You can also become a content creator without any investment.

If you are thinking of putting content on every platform simultaneously then it will not be a good option for you. Because it will take a lot of time. So, instead of its focus on any one platform. Simply pick a niche and post valuable and informative content on that topic regularly. If people will like your content then they will pay you for paid work. And also, you can make money from direct advertisement, selling your own products or affiliate marketing.

6. Video Editor

As you know, video creation is the present and the future. A lot of new creators are coming every day on YouTube, Instagram or Facebook video creation platforms. Also, the existing creators are trying hard to enhance their video quality. Creators don’t have much time to do everything alone. Thus they hired video editors and content analysis experts like people. If you think you can be a good video editor then you can apply for the same. You don’t need to invest a single rupee for that. Learn everything from free platforms like YouTube and then enhance your skill by practising daily.

I feel Video Editing is one of the best zero investment business ideas for students in India 2022. If you love editing and want to become a video editor then I would suggest you learn Adobe premiere pro and Adobe after effects because these are the most popular two tools.

7. Affiliate Marketing

This is one of my favourite zero investment business ideas. You know, I have made a lot of rupees online but the most came from this option and it too without any investment. Can you imagine it?

This is an option that will help you to make some commission on each you are making. You don’t need any investment to start affiliate marketing. Simply join any of your favourite affiliate programs like Amazon and then promote their product in your blog, social media or Telegram channel. Every time your audiences purchase something you make some percentage of it.


8. Sell Online Courses

If you are someone who has some special skills that can help others as well then you can create a course on it and make money from it. Selling online courses is one of the most exemplary zero investment business ideas for students or any others in India 2022.

There are many platforms where you can upload your online course and if they think that your course is well prepared and valuable for others then they will approve it. Some of the platforms are Udemy, Skillshare, YouTube, Instamojo etc.

You have put a lot of effort to build your course but once you make it, you will earn money from it for a lifetime. So, if you think that you are capable of doing it then create a course beautifully. It will take time but you have to keep patience and wait for good results.

9. eBook Selling

Many students have a lot of skills like painting, writing, cooking, SEO, digital marketing, public speaking or investment. But the problem is they are afraid to come in front of the camera to speak with the audience. In this case, neither you can create a video course nor you can make videos on your YouTube Channel.

But, there is another option that you can use to make money by using your skills. Yes, it is writing. If you love to write then you can create an ebook and sell it online. Hardly, you will need 15-30 days to write a detailed eBook worth 200 pages. But if it needs more time then also fine. Because ultimately quality matters. Once you finished it you can upload it on platforms like Instamojo and sell it to your audiences. I feel eBook creation and selling is one of the best zero investment business ideas for students in India 2022.

10. Web Story Creation

I always feel trending topics can change someone’s life. If you are working on trending niches then you can make quick money. I already mentioned blogging. If you are someone who has some idea about blogging then you may hear about the latest feature of Google Web Stories.

Bloggers who are making Google Web Stories daily and many times are the ones who are getting tons of free traffic from the Google Discover feed. But the fact is bloggers do not have much time. So they are looking for someone who could do the job for them and for this they will get paid. I feel Web Stories creation is one of the best zero investment business ideas online for students in India 2022. If you are someone who can make good stories then you can learn and do this for the bloggers.

FAQs: Zero Investment Business Ideas

1. Which business is the best for students?

If you love to create videos and if you are not an interovert then YouTube is by far the best option in 2022 for any one. Apart from it, you can also try freelancing or content writing business part time or full time.

2. How can I start a business with zero investment?

It is very simple. First learn any skill online and become an expert by practicing it daily. Once you feel are good at it you can start a business with zero investment.

3. What is the easiest business to start with no money?

If you love writing then I feel content writing is the easiest business to start with no money. Yes, everyone can not write a good content. But it is easy than other because you can write a content with your smartphone also and it does not require any lighting, editing setup, good ambience or something like this.

4. How can I earn money as a student?

You can become a freelancer, content writer, social media influencer or video editor and make money as a student. Many students who are in a college are becoming a content creator these days to earn some extra passive income and fulfilling their dreams instead of wasting time with friends.

5. How much money can a student make?

There is no limit. You can make as much as you work. But how much money you will make it depends on your niche, working process, platform and your traffic quality.

6. What is the best daily income business without investment for students?

If you are someone who use a lot of UPI, recharge or bill payment, shopping, gaming or stock market apps then by referring your friends you can make daily income without any investment.

Final Thoughts

So, I hope you have read this whole article and found the best zero investment business ideas for you. I feel students must need to complete their studies well before starting any part time or a full time job. Because, it is very difficult to handle both of these in the same time. But still, if you think that you need some money for your studies or to support your family and you have a lot of free time then definitely you can try out any of these.

I have included 10 best zero investment business ideas for students in India 2022. I would suggest you to try each and everything and let’s check which one is the best suitable option for you. If any thing is not working well for you then try something else. Every new thing at least need 6-12 months time to settle.

Please comment below your favourite zero investment business ideas from the above options in the comment below. I will be very happy to read your all comments. If you wish you can follow me on Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube Channel.

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