How To Start Affiliate Marketing With No Money in 2023

Welcome friends, I hope all of you are safe and healthy in this pandemic period. Today I will tell you how to start affiliate marketing with no money in 2023.

The demand for ‘work from home jobs‘ and ‘make money online‘ has increased a lot since the Pandemic. I have written many posts before about different types of work from home jobs. One of those is Affiliate Marketing. You must have heard of Affiliate Marketing before. Today I will tell you about the types of affiliate marketing, how and where to do it and exactly how much money can be earned from now on.

I hope you read this article till the end and will find out how to start affiliate marketing with no money in India or without any investment in 2023. So let me tell you in detail.

What Is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a business where we can make money without any investment. And there is no limit to this earning, we can earn as much as we want. In the case of Affiliate Marketing, we can earn a commission to promote the product of others. And we don’t even have to buy a product for that. Although we can buy it if we want. But many people like me earn good money every month by doing affiliate marketing without buying the product.

There are different types of affiliate marketing. Such as affiliate marketing of physical products and affiliate marketing of digital products. Everyone promotes the product according to their wishes and so that they are earning as their expertise.

Physical product means the kind of product that can be found on Amazon, Flipkart like Smartphone, Laptop, Headphone, Neckband etc.

On the other hand, the products that we can not move or say software, domain, hosting are digital products. Many people do affiliate marketing of physical products and many people do affiliate marketing of digital products. Some are exceptions, such as those of me who do a little bit.

We can earn more by affiliate marketing of digital products but we can easily earn by an affiliate of a physical product, especially in India. Because not everyone in India uses digital products yet.

Types Of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is of two types such as one-time affiliate sales and recurring affiliate marketing. Many of you know about these two. Maybe many of you have purchased this type of product at some point in your life.

1. One-Time Affiliate Marketing

One-time affiliate marketing means that we get only one commission for the product. This type of affiliate marketing is usually in the case of physical products. For example, if someone buys something from our affiliate link from Amazon or any other e-commerce store, then we will get a commission only once.

In the case of one-time affiliate marketing, we can get a commission of up to 10% or in some cases up to 15%. However, for the products that are sold more, such as kitchen appliances, home accessories, DIY & Tools, we get 8-9% commission. And in the case of electronics products like cameras, Lenses, laptops, PC, and Accessories we get a 5% commission.

The funny thing is that we do not get 1% in the case of mobile and some commission in some cases. So we can’t earn too much money by promoting physical products.

In this case, we have to promote a very expensive product such as a laptop, PC, Smart TV, etc. so that the commission is a little higher. Or you have to sell a lot of products.

2. Recurring Affiliate Marketing

Recurring affiliate marketing but not like that. In this case, we can get a commission many times for a product. Usually, in the case of a digital product such as domain, hosting, affiliate marketing of any software, we can do such affiliate marketing.

Also nowadays we can join recurring affiliate marketing for Meesho and various fantasy apps.

Suppose someone buys software from your link and he renews that software every year, then every year you will get a commission for him. You may not get the commission rate for the first time at the time of renewal. But in the case of this type of affiliate marketing, the income is much higher.

In the case of Recurring Affiliate Marketing, we can get a little higher commission. Because in this case, we have to promote a digital product. And for a digital product, we get commission up to 50% or 60%. Not only this, but in the case of product renewal, we also get commission year after year.

Where To Start Affiliate Marketing in India

We can do affiliate marketing in different ways. There was a time when we needed a website, blog to do affiliate marketing or any other type of online business. But now there are many other ways to do affiliate marketing besides a website or blog.

1. Start A Blog

One thing that has been true for a long time is that the best way to earn money from affiliate marketing is through a blog website. However, this does not mean that without a blog, we can not do affiliate marketing or earn money from there.

Many people think that affiliate marketing costs a lot of money to create a blog. And in this fear they retreated. But I want to say here that it is absolutely wrong to make an amazon affiliate blog if it is too much for us will cost 5000 rupees for one year. And if we work hard for a year, we can easily earn Rs 50,000 or even Rs 100,000 from there.

We all use Rs 5000 to Rs 10000 mobile nowadays so I think we will not have much difficulty in creating a blog by spending 5000 rupees for a year. If you think you don’t have that much money then you can create a blogger and blog for free. But in that case, you have to work a little harder and the chance of success is a little less.

2. YouTube Channel

Many people want to start an Affiliate Marketing Business for free. I think there is no better platform than YouTube to get started for free. Nowadays we can earn everything from YouTube. Many YouTubers are earning good money by affiliate marketing of their YouTube and Digital and Physical products.

We don’t need to invest any money to start affiliate marketing on YouTube. Nowadays we all use smartphones and with that, we can create a YouTube Channel.

3. e-commerce Website

In many ways, e-commerce websites and blogs are the same. But I want to remind you that these two are not the same. We can create an e-commerce website or blog if we want. Also, we can hire a web developer to create a website.

In the case of an e-commerce website, it is convenient to do affiliate marketing or import the product. On the other hand, in the case of blogs, getting more conversions is an advantage. Because most people like to buy the product after seeing the review, so in my opinion blog is better than an e-commerce website.

We can promote any kind of product on our YouTube Channel. But make sure the content is original. Otherwise any time we will get a strike. So it is better to create content by ourselves.

4. Telegram Channel

I told you in one of my blogs how to make money by creating a Telegram Channel. If you read that blog then you must know that we can earn money from Telegram Channel through Affiliate Marketing. And apart from YouTube, Telegram is another platform where we can start affiliate marketing for free.

We don’t need to spend any money to create or earn money from a Telegram Channel. We can create a channel in a few seconds. But the problem is we can’t get too many subscribers easily in Telegram. It will take a few months to grow the channel organically. Although if we already have a YouTube Channel or Blog then we can drive subscribers from that.

And you know that without subscribers or visitors, we can’t make money from YouTube, Blog or Telegram Channel. From Telegram we can do all kinds of affiliate marketing such as Amazon, Meesho, EarnKaro, Cuelinks, domain, hosting etc.

5. Social Media Marketing

In 2023, most of us are using social media. Whether it is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn but I tell you social media is one of the best tools to get sales in affiliate marketing.

You may be wondering how to do affiliate marketing with the help of social media. Sales can be easily generated with the help of social media. But for this, we have to work hard in the beginning. First of all, we have to decide on a niche and then publish the content. After getting a few followers there we can earn money by sharing affiliate links according to our niche.

Suppose you create a new page on your social media page or another and upload content on a niche every day. Then gradually when you have some followers who will like your content, you can definitely get a commission by recommending a niche-related product.

Best Affiliate Programs in India 2023 (Beginners)

In the below list, you will get to see the top 10 best affiliate programs in India 2023. If you are a beginner and want to earn money from affiliate marketing with no money then I feel these will be the best affiliate programs for you. So let’s read and choose the perfect one for you.

Affiliate ProgramsCommissionPayout
1. Amazon AffiliateUpto 9%₹1000
2. CuelinksUpto 25%₹1000
3. MeeshoUpto 25%₹1
4. EarnKaroUpto 40%₹100
5. Flipkart AffiliateUpto 18%₹1000
6. GoDaddyUpto 15%$100
7. 11Challengers20% Commission₹100
8. GameZyUpto 50% Commission₹25
9. TubeBuddyUpto 40% Commission$100
10. Flyout$15$100
11. SeoToolAddaUpto 40% Commission$100
12. ProSeoToolsUpto 40% Commission$100

1. Amazon Affiliate Associates

It is the best and easiest affiliate program for every individual. You can easily join an Amazon affiliate if you are a blogger or a Youtuber. First of all, you have to fill out a form with your basic details (Official Page) and then you will get your affiliate account. After that, you have to complete 3 sales organically within the next six months. If you fail to do it then they will deactivate your account. Although you can easily reactivate your Amazon affiliate account and can do the same thing. But don’t try to be over-smart. If they found something then they will block or deactivate your Amazon affiliate account permanently.


Most of the time they ban someone’s account when they purchase something from their own link or send affiliate links on direct SMS, messenger or WhatsApp. The minimum payout is ₹1000. After 60 days, the money will automatically be credited to your bank account via NEFT if you have submitted your Tax form.

If you want to start affiliate marketing with no money and if you are not a blogger or a Youtuber then I feel CueLinks will be the best option for you. Because here you don’t need to wait for approval. After creating an account you can easily make profit links and promote it with your friends and family members. CueLinks offers up to 25% commission for Flipkart, Amazon, and Myntra affiliate marketing. The minimum payout is ₹1000.


3. Meesho Affiliate Program

It is one of the best reselling apps in India. You can join the Meesho referral program and become an affiliate. There are four steps in its referral program such as zero referral, rising star, superstar and megastar. You will get a 25% commission for the first 3 orders of a new referral. After that, you will get up to a 12% commission for the next 12 months. Meesho will send its referral money every Tuesday. There is no minimum payout.

meesho affiliate marketing with no money

4. EarnKaro Affiliate

EarnKaro is another best option to share multiple merchants affiliate links from one platform. You will get up to 40% commission for affiliate links of GoDaddy, Hostinger, Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra etc. The minimum payout is ₹10. Once the return period will over you can withdraw your earnings into your Paytm bank or any other physical bank.


5. Flipkart Affiliate Program

It is not great affiliate marketing with no money in 2023. It is because you can not join the Flipkart affiliate program directly. If you wish you can join Flipkart affiliate with some third party networks like CueLinks, EarnKaro, Zingoy etc.


If you are a normal person then you can join Flipkart affiliate with these platforms and promote links with friends. Apart from this, you can join the Flipkart affiliate directly by filling out a contact form. If they think they will mail you for further process. But 99% of users can not join the Flipkart affiliate program directly in 2023.

6. GoDaddy Affiliate

Many people want to buy a domain, or hosting to become a blogger. GoDaddy is one of the best platforms for domain, hosting etc. You can share GoDaddy affiliate links with your friends and earn profit. The best feature is you can get a recurring commission for the GoDaddy affiliates. GoDaddy will send you your payout on your PayPal account once the threshold completes. You will get up to 40-60% commission for a new transaction.

7. 11Challengers Affiliate Program

It is a fantasy gaming app. We can play games like fantasy cricket, football etc on this app. It comes with a great referral offer. If you refer your friends then you will get up to 20% referral commission on every new referral. The money will directly be credited to your winning balance. This balance can be transferred to your bank account and Paytm wallet from as low as ₹100. The best part is you will get a 20% referral commission every time they deposit money into their wallet. That’s why I feel if you want to start affiliate marketing with no money then 11Challengers will be the best option for you.

8. GameZy Affiliate

GameZy is one of the best gaming apps in India. It comes with a refer and earn offer. If you refer your friends then you will earn up to ₹12650 bonus per friend. Apart from this, you can join the GameZy affiliate program by tapping on the PowerPlay tab. If they think you are eligible then they will contact you. After that, you will get up to 40-60% commission for every time your referred friend deposits money into their wallet. People can play fantasy, rummy, quiz etc games on this app.

9. TubeBuddy Affiliate Program

It is an essential tool for every YouTuber. They can analyze their channel and improve content. If you have some friends who are Youtubers then you can start affiliate marketing with no money and earn a lot of commission.


TubeBuddy will pay up to a 60% commission for every new transaction. You will get a 30% commission for 1-50 people referrals, 40% commission for 50-250 referrals and 60% commission for 250+ referrals. You will get your earnings through PayPal.

10. Flyout Affiliate

Many bloggers want to earn money a lot. Guest post is one of the best options to earn money for bloggers. Flyout helps bloggers to get Guest Post and in return, they will pay some money. You can make videos or articles about this and promote Flyout affiliate links. Every time a new user SignUps on this platform, you will get $15 to your account. They will send you your earnings into your linked Bank account or PayPal id once the threshold completes.

11. SeoToolAdda

It is a group SEO tool. Bloggers use this platform to access multiple SEO tools through one platform at a cheap price. They will send up to 40% commission for every transaction. You can withdraw your earnings into a Bank account, UPI, Paytm or PayPal ID.

12. ProSeoTools

I don’t find any bigger difference between ProSeoTools and SeoToolAdda. Both are the same and works in a similar manner. You can access it at a cheap price and research keywords and analyse sites etc. They will send you a 20% referral commission for 1-10 sales, 30% referral commission for 11-20 sales and 40% commission for 21+ sales. The referral commission will be transferred to your Bank account via NEFT, UPI, Paytm or PayPal.

FAQ: Affiliate Marketing With No Money

1. How can I start affiliate marketing with no money?

You can start affiliate marketing with no money through EarnKaro, CueLinks, Admitad, Vcommission or Zingoy and promote links on your YouTube Channel, Telegram Channel, social media and earn a commission.

2. Is affiliate marketing still possible in 2023?

Yes, affiliate marketing is still possible in 2023. And after the pandemic, there is a huge chance and potential for beginners to do well in this industry. There is a lot of opportunities.

3. What is EPC in affiliate marketing?

In affiliate marketing, EPC means earning per click.

4. How to start affiliate marketing without a website?

You can start affiliate marketing without a website on your Telegram and YouTube Channel. Both are free platforms and you can start affiliate marketing with no money easily.

5. Which is better Affiliate Marketing or Google AdSense?

Both are good. AdSense will pay you for ad impression, click whereas affiliate marketing will pay you for every purchase through the link. But I feel for a blogger affiliate marketing is the best.

6. Can I start affiliate marketing on Instagram?

Yes, you can start affiliate marketing with no money on your Instagram page. Instagram does not allow links on posts. So the only chance is to post links on your story or bio. If someone clicks on that link and purchases something then you will get a commission. Apart from this, you can run ads on Instagram to get more sales.

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