30 Best Affiliate Programs in India 2024 for All User

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Nowadays, earning money at home is not a very difficult task. Many people earn good money by using their mobiles or laptops for an hour or two from home. Affiliate Marketing is one of them. Today through this article you will be able to know about the 28 best affiliate programs in India 2024. If you join these websites then you can earn very good money through affiliate marketing. There are some affiliate networks from which we get money in the bank every month. But there are also affiliate networks with which we get money in the bank through PayPal. I feel Affiliate Marketing is the best option to earn money online.

If you are a beginner then I think Amazon Affiliate will be best for you. But if you have done affiliate marketing before and you have an idea about it then you can start hosting affiliates. You can earn a lot more money from hosting affiliates than Amazon affiliates. To do affiliate marketing you need to have a blog, YouTube Channel, Instagram or Facebook Page. However, in the case of some affiliate networks, you can also earn through WhatsApp.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you click a link and purchase something that we recommended. Read more about Affiliate disclosure here.

Best Affiliate Programs in India

I think that a person can earn money from home through affiliate marketing in his spare time. You can join any affiliate network if you want. There are many best affiliate programs in India. In this blog, I have only talked about the top 26 best affiliate programs in India. If you have a blog, YouTube Channel or social media page then you can do affiliate marketing through it. The best thing about affiliate marketing is that you can earn commissions by promoting the product without buying it, which will be delivered to your account every month.

Below is a list of some of your best affiliate programs in India for their commission rate and minimum payout. I hope from here you will get an idea of ​​which affiliate network is suitable for you and what kind of product will be best for your audience.

Top 30 Affiliate Programs List

Affiliate ProgramCommissionMinimum Payout
1. Hostinger60%$100
2. Amazon AffiliateUpto 9%₹1000
3. Flipkart AffiliateUpto 18%₹2500 (Gift Card)

₹5000 (Bank Transfer)
4. eBayUpto 4%$10
5. EarnKaroUpto 40%₹10
6. ZingoyUpto 25.50%₹250
7. VcommissionUpto 18%₹1000
8. CueLinksUpto 25%₹1000
9. AdmitadUpto 25%₹1000
10. GoDaddyUpto 15%$100
11. BigRockUpto 50%$100
12. HostGatorUpto 50%$100
13. A2HostingUpto 60%$100
14. ResellerClubUpto 60%$100
15. 11Challengers20% for a lifetime₹200
16. Vision1120% for a lifetime₹100
17. MyFab1120% for a lifetime₹200
18. Royal1125% for a lifetime₹100
19. Real11Upto 60% for a lifetime₹200
20. UdemyUpto 20%$50
21. MedlifeUpto 20%₹100
22. ShutterstockUpto 20%$35
23. 1MgUpto 25%₹100
24. NetmedsUpto 25%₹100
25. TubeBuddyUpto 40%$100
26. FiverrUpto $1000$100
27. ShopifyUpto $60$100
28. MakeMyTripUpto 10%₹1000
29. YatraUpto 5%₹1000
30. Flyout$15$100
31. ySense30% Commission$50

1. Hostinger Affiliate Program

Many people want to start their own blogs these days. Hostinger provides cheap price web hosting all over the world audiences. I feel for beginners Hostinger would be a nice option. You can join the Hostinger Affiliate Program and promote their product. You can easily sign on for the Hostinger Affiliate Program and promote its product. For every sale, you will get a 60% commission. I feel Hosting Affiliate is one of the best affiliate programs in India. It is because you will earn a lot of money with the least number of targeted users.

2. Amazon Associates

If you are a beginner and want to earn money from affiliate marketing then I feel Amazon affiliate will be the best for you. Because it is comparatively easy and reliable. If you work smartly for 1-2 hours every day then you can easily achieve your target and earn a decent amount every month. Any user can join Amazon associates and promote any products. If you can sell a minimum of three products within the first six months then you are eligible for an amazon affiliate. Otherwise, your account will be deactivated. Although you can reactivate your account again. Any user can join any country amazon associates and promote products.


Please remember, Amazon does not allow selling products through WhatsApp, SMS or direct link sharing. If you work genuinely then you will get profit. Once you complete 3 sales, the Amazon associates team will verify your profile and approve or disapprove your account. It depends on how you get traffic. It will be better if you start an amazon affiliate on your blog, or YouTube channel. The minimum payout is ₹1000. After the return period, you will get your balance into your bank account. The best part of Amazon affiliates is the cookie policy. It means if any user goes to Amazon through your link and purchases any product during the cookie period, you will get a commission for all the orders.

3. Flipkart Affiliate

There is not too much difference between Amazon affiliate and Flipkart affiliate. Both are the same. But as of now, Amazon affiliate is far better than Flipkart affiliate, especially for beginners. It’s because you can not join Flipkart affiliate directly in 2024. You have to fill a form on the Flipkart affiliate page. Once they approve your request you are eligible to join the Flipkart affiliate. As per my view, only 1-2% of beginners can get Flipkart affiliate approval.


So in this case, you can join Flipkart affiliate through some third party affiliate websites like Zingoy, EarnKaro, Admitad, Vcommission etc. Here you don’t need to wait for the approval. You can easily make a profit link and promote it anywhere you want. Flipkart affiliate comes with two types of withdrawal options such as gift card and bank deposit. To withdraw money through the gift card you need a minimum of ₹2500 and to withdraw money through the bank deposit you need a minimum of ₹5000 in your affiliate account.

4. eBay

This is one of the most popular online shopping apps in India. You can buy and sell products on eBay. You can join eBay affiliates directly through the official link. All the eBay affiliate customers will get a 1% to 4% commission for eBay affiliates on products fashion, home, electronics, automobile, garden, real estate etc. You can start your own blog or YouTube Channel and promote affiliate links. The minimum payout is $10. Once the product return period completes you will get your money into your added bank account.

5. Meesho Affiliate

Meesho is India’s no 1 reselling app in India. On this website, you can shop and resell products. You can earn money from the Meesho app by reselling products and by joining the affiliate program. It is also called a Meesho refer and earn offer. There are four steps in the Meesho referral option. Such as Zero Referral, Rising Star, Super Star and Mega Star.

For the first time, you will get 25% for the first three sales of your referred friend. After that, you will get a 10-12% commission for every purchase of your referred friends for the next 12 months. The more people you refer the more money you will earn.

meesho app referral commission structure

Apart from this, you can also earn money from the Meesho app by reselling products. Either you can add your profit and order products on behalf of them. Or you can get your profit through the Meesho app on your account.

6. EarnKaro Affiliate Program


If you have tried Amazon, Flipkart or Myntra Affiliate before but failed to get approval then EarnKaro will be one of the best affiliate programs in India for you. It’s because here you won’t need to wait for the approval. Immediately after signup on the EarnKaro platform you can easily share affiliate links on your blog, YouTube Channel, social media and WhatsApp and earn profit. More than 100 brands including Flipkart, Myntra, Ajio etc have been listed on this website. The minimum withdrawal limit is ₹10. You can also earn money from the Earnkaro referral program. In this case, you will get 10% of your friend’s sales for a lifetime.

7. Zingoy Affiliate


I feel Zingoy is also a similar affiliate network like EarnKaro. If you want to join Amazon, Flipkart and Myntra affiliates instantly without getting approval then Zingoy will be the best option for you. Like EarnKaro, here you can also earn money by referring friends and sharing profit links with your friends. Zingoy will provide its users up to 25.50% for successful affiliate sales. You can share Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Ajio etc profit links with your friends. If you refer your friends then you will earn 10% of your friend’s profit into your wallet. The minimum payout is ₹250. Either you can withdraw your money by bank deposit or through gift cards.

8. Vcommission

Vcommission is the largest multi affiliate network platform across the world. On this website. you can SignUp and start promoting products with your friends. The only problem with this website is you need a successful blog or Youtube Channel to join the Vcommission affiliate program. They will ask you to put your traffic details. If you are unable to provide this then they might cancel your approval request. The minimum threshold is ₹1000. Vcommission will send your money to your linked bank account after 60-90 days via NEFT or RTGS.

9. CueLinks Affiliate Program

CueLinks comes first in my mind when I think about Flipkart affiliate marketing. Because when I tried to join Flipkart and Myntra affiliate marketing I failed to do this. Thereafter I researched and found CueLinks. I feel CueLinks is one of the best affiliate programs in India to promote many website products through one platform.


You can earn money from the CueLinks website by referring friends and affiliate marketing. If any publisher signup through your link and start affiliate marketing then you will get 25% of your friend’s sale for the first three months. There are more than 1000+ affiliate programs listed on this website. The minimum payout is ₹1000. You can also promote CueLinks profit links on your Telegram Channel with the help of the CueLinks bot in one click.

10. Admitad Affiliate Program

As per my view, Admitad and Vcommission both are quite the same. These two affiliate programs are the best but not good for beginner’s people. It’s because you need to add your traffic details to get approval. And it is very difficult to show a huge number of traffic details for the new bloggers or YouTubers. You can withdraw your payments through bank transfers, PayPal, Payoneer or WebMoney. All country users can request a withdrawal through bank transfers. In this case, you don’t need to pay any charges. Apart from this, for PayPal, Payoneer, Bank Cards withdrawal you have to pay 2% to 4% transaction charges.

11. GoDaddy Affiliate Program

Thanks to the TV advertisement, everyone knows about GoDaddy. Recently we have seen MS Dhoni in the GoDaddy TV advertisement. He is the brand ambassador of the platform. We can buy Domain, Hosting or Official Mail from GoDaddy. We can easily build a website by buying Domain, Hosting from here.

Previously users can join the GoDaddy affiliate program directly. But now they have stopped it. If you want to join the GoDaddy affiliate program now then you have to join it through either CJ Affiliate or VigLink. At the same time, you can also join GoDaddy Affiliate Program via EarnKaro, CueLinks etc. I feel GoDaddy is one of the best affiliate programs in India 2024. It is because you will get a lot of commission from it. GoDaddy is one of the best recurring affiliate programs in India.

12. BigRock Affiliate Program

BigRock is also another great option to build a WordPress website with an affordable price domain and hosting. You can become an affiliate user of BigRock and promote its products to your audience. You can become a BigRock Affiliate user with zero investment. After signing up on the BigRock affiliate program you can promote BigRock domain, hosting, WordPress hosting, cloud hosting, Email, VPS hosting and reseller hosting.

13. HostGator Affiliate Offer

HostGator is a premium web hosting platform. People who have an established blog, look for some premium web hosting. Thus HostGator platform gets so much attention. You can take benefit from this and become an affiliate of HostGator.

If you will become a HostGator affiliate then you will earn $65 per signup for the first 1-5 users and then $125 per signup for the 21+ users referral. I feel the best part of hosting an affiliate program is its recurring benefit. You will get a commission whenever they purchase something. And we all know bloggers renew their Web Hosting every year. So it is a lifetime profit-earning solution.

Number of UsersAffiliate Commission
1-5$65 / SignUp
6-10$75 / SignUp
11-20$100 / SignUp
21+$125 / SignUp

14. A2Hosting Affiliate Marketing

If your website or blog is all about the domain, hosting or blogging tutorial then you can earn a lot of money without Google AdSense. Hosting affiliate programs is one of the best ways among them. You can easily become an A2Hosting affiliate user and start promoting it via banner, link or coupons. A2Hosting is known for the best and fastest web hosting at an affordable price range. If your blog gets 100 potential visitors daily then you can easily earn $1000 per month with this. Below is the A2Hosting commission per sale. If you think your site deserves more commission then you can contact their support team.

Number of UsersAffiliate Commission
1-10$55 / Sale
11-15$75 / Sale
16-20$100 / Sale
21+$125 / Sale

15. ResellerClub Affiliate Program

It is also a web hosting platform in India. Fun fact, I started my blogging journey with ResellerClub shared web hosting. You can become a ResellerClub directly or through some third-party platforms. As much as you can earn ₹5000 per sale from the ResellerClub affiliate.

If you are a blogger then you can use some beautiful banners, ad or links and put them in your articles. Also, you can use affiliate links on your YouTube Channel to get more sales.

16. 11Challengers Affiliate Program

It is an online gaming app. If you are a person who loves to play games online and earn free Paytm cash then 11Challengers will be the best app for you. In this app, you can play fantasy cricket and online games. But this post is about affiliate marketing. So let’s talk about it.

11Challengers comes with a referral offer. If you share your referral link then you will earn a ₹50 cash bonus and 20% profit commission for a lifetime. 11Challengers comes with Paytm wallet and Bank account withdrawal options. The minimum withdrawal limit is ₹200. If you share your invite link with some targetted users then you can earn some good income for a lifetime. Every time they deposit money into their wallet you will get commission into your winning balance section. To withdraw your earnings you need to verify your account with your PAN Card and Bank account.

17. Vision11 Affiliate Program

Vision11 is also a similar kind of fantasy cricket app like 11Challengers. In this app, you can play all types of fantasy games. It comes with a referral offer which is also called as Vision11 affiliate program. I feel Vision11 is also one of the best affiliate programs in India 2024.

If you share your invite link with your friends then you will earn a ₹100 cash bonus and a 20% winning cash for a lifetime. The money will be credited to your winning balance directly. Thus you can withdraw your earnings after verifying your account with your Pan Card and Bank account. To earn more you can contact Vision11 customer care and ask them to increase your referral profit percentage. But in this case, you need a wide range of traffic every month.

18. Fantasy Power 11

Fantasy Power 11 is one of the oldest gaming apps in India. Recently Robin Uthappa has been appointed as the brand ambassador of this app. We can play games like fantasy cricket, football, basketball on this app. It also comes with an affiliate program or referral offer.


If you invite friends and if your invited friends join through your link, deposits money and play games then you will get 25% of it into your winning balance for a lifetime. You can withdraw it from ₹100 in Paytm and ₹300 in the Bank account after KYC verification.

19. MyFab11 Referral Offer

MyFab11 is also a similar kind of fantasy app. You don’t need to invest a single rupee to earn money from these apps affiliate programs. That’s why I feel MyFab11 is one of the best affiliate programs in India 2024. Recently, MyFab11 has made Sanju Samson their brand ambassador. You will get a ₹100 cash bonus and 20% of their commission for every contest they join lifetime. You only need to withdraw it once you get a winning balance of ₹200 or more. Either you can withdraw into your Paytm wallet or into your Bank account.

20. Royal11 Affiliate Program

A lot of people thinks it’s better to play online games on the new apps. It’s because it increases the chances of winning games easily. You can take benefit of this and promote the Royal11 affiliate link with your friends. Royal11 is another new fantasy apps. If you share it with your friends then you will get a ₹300 cash bonus and a 25% commission for a lifetime.

21. Real11 Affiliate Offer

It is a gaming app. Users can play fantasy games and online games like ludo in this app. This app does not provide any direct affiliate programs. But if you have a blog, Telegram Channel or YouTube Channel based on fantasy or gaming niche with some loyal audience then you can join their affiliate program. You just need to install the Real11 fantasy app and then after signup, you will get to see an option called an affiliate program. Simply fill in the details and wait for some time. If they found your request is genuine then they will call or mail you to proceed further.

22. Udemy Referral Offer

Udemy is a great platform to learn something new online. Many students purchase an online course from Udemy during these lockdown days. You can create a course and upload it to Udemy. This is a great way to earn money through Udemy. But apart from this, you can also earn money without publishing any course is by becoming an affiliate member. Yes, you heard it right. Udemy also runs an affiliate program. You can join the Udemy affiliate program through LinkShare, CueLinks or EarnKaro and start promoting courses on your blog, social media or YouTube Channel. As of now, you will get up to 20% per sale from the Udemy affiliate program. The minimum withdrawal limit is $50.

23. MedLife Affiliate

These days many people orders medicine online to maintain social distance and save time. MedLife is one of the best medicine order app in India. You can order medicine online through the MedLife app or website. Also, to earn money from MedLife, you can join the MedLife affiliate program. They will give you 20% per sale. You can withdraw your earnings through the Bank transfer, NEFT or PayPal. It is very easy to join MedLife affiliates directly.

24. ShutterStock Affiliate

It is an official website for royalty-free stock images. For first time users, they provide some free images. But after that, they charge some rupees. You can become a Shutterstock affiliate member and promote it. They will give you 20% per sale and you can withdraw your earnings from $35 via PayPal.

25. TubeBuddy Affiliate Program

TubeBuddy is a platform for YouTubers. If you are a YouTuber then you can join TubeBuddy to analyze your channel, traffic and keywords. Many YouTubers use this platform. Either you can use TubeBuddy free plan or its premium plan. People who use the TubeBuddy premium plan can analyze their channel in detail.

tubebuddy affiliate program

Any user can join the TubeBuddy affiliate program directly and promote it on blogs, channels or social media. They offer up to 40% commission per sale. You can withdraw your earnings via PayPal. I feel TubeBuddy is one of the best affiliate programs in India 2024.

26. Flyout Affiliate Program

If you are a blogger then it can help you in two ways. The first one is by getting guest posts and the second thing is by joining the Flyout affiliate program. You have to signup on this website and fill in some basic details. once you do this, they will mail you if any guest post is available for your website. After 30 days they will pay you the money into your linked PayPal.

At the same time, if you join the Flyout affiliate program then they will pay you $15 for every new signup on this website. You can easily join a Fluout affiliate and help your blogger friends to earn some more money without any hustle. All the money will automatically be credited to your PayPal account. There is a dashboard that will show the details of the number of total clicks, Signups, submitted, accepted and earnings.

27. ySense Affiliate Program

This is an online survey website. Here you can earn money by completing surveys and referring friends. You can earn money by participating in the paid surveys by influencing next-generation of products, services and much more.

You can refer your friend to ySense and earn a 30% commission for a lifetime. Whatever they will make you will get a 30% commission of it in your account. You will earn a signup commission of $0.10 and $0.30 for some selected countries. Once your referral will earn their first $5, you will earn a $2 bonus in your account.

Initially, you will get a 20% commission for each survey your referral completes. After that, it will increase up to 30% commission for a friend.

How To Start Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a type of online earning that we don’t need too much money to start. We can even start an affiliate marketing business for free and earn money if we want. We can do affiliate marketing with our Blog, YouTube Channel, Facebook Page, Instagram Page or Email marketing. By affiliate marketing, we can earn from ₹1000 to a few lakhs per month.

What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a type of business where we can earn commission by selling other company’s products. If you want, you can buy the product or not. For affiliate marketing, first, you need to generate an affiliate link to a product and then you have to promote it through your blog, channel or social media. If someone else buys that product from your post then you will get a commission. Which will be given to your account after the return period of the product. If you do not make any sales in the first three months or six months, your affiliate account may be closed. Also, if you abuse affiliate marketing, your account may be closed.

Start Affiliate Marketing With No Money

As I said at the beginning of this article, we can start affiliate marketing for free if we want. It is a kind of business where we can make money by promoting other people’s products. We can promote that product on our social media or with the help of a Blog or YouTube Channel. And when someone buys that product from our affiliate link, we get a commission.

Now the question is how to start affiliate marketing with no money?

Well, in this case, you can start a YouTube Channel, Instagram Page, Facebook Page or Group or can start a blog on free Blogger. These are the way that can be helpful to start affiliate marketing with no money. You don’t invest any money to start a YouTube Channel, Facebook or Instagram Page. At the same time, you can promote without purchasing the product. You only need to create good content. Rest can be done automatically. Also, you can use platforms like Medium, Quora, Reddit, LinkedIn to publish blogs on a public platform to generate affiliate sales with no money.

Best Platforms To Start Affiliate Marketing

I feel a Blog and a YouTube Channel are the two best options to start affiliate marketing in 2024. But you can also use social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook etc. In this Internet era, a lot of people check product reviews and user experience on blogs, social media and YouTube videos. So I feel this is the golden opportunity for you to start a YouTube Channel or a Blog on a particular niche on product review. So that people can watch or read your content and purchase product through your affiliate links.

Recurring Affiliate Marketing vs Amazon Affiliate

Affiliate marketing is usually of two types. Such as normal affiliate marketing and recurring affiliate marketing. You can join any affiliate program if you want. But in my opinion, recurring affiliate marketing is the best way to earn money. Although normal affiliate marketing or amazon affiliate is best for beginners. If you check on the above list then some of the affiliate programs such as Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, Myntra, EarnKaro, CueLinks etc are one-time affiliate programs in India. Whereas hosting affiliate programs and fantasy affiliate programs are recurring affiliate programs. If you share links with friends then you will earn a commission for a lifetime. That’s the beauty of recurring affiliate programs in India.

FAQ: Affiliate Programs in India

1. What is the highest paid affiliate program in India?

I feel hosting affiliate programs are the best affiliate program. It is because you will get a 50-60% commission every time they purchase something.

2. How do I become an affiliate?

Simply visit any website affiliate page and then fill in your basic details. Once they approve your request you will become an affiliate. After that focus on getting sales and earning more money.

3. Which affiliate programs are best for beginners?

If you are a beginner then I feel the Amazon affiliate program will be the best for you. Apart from this, you can join CueLinks, EarnKaro and promote affiliate links easily.

4. How much do beginner affiliate marketers make?

It depends on what type of products you are selling and how much traffic you are getting. But as per my experience, if you will get 100 targetted visitors every day then you can easily make $100 to $1000 per month from Amazon affiliates on big price products like Laptop, Fridge, AC, Smart TV etc.

5. Where can I post affiliate links for free?

You can post affiliate links for free on your YouTube Channel and Telegram Channel. These two are the best and easy options to promote links and earn money. But the focus should be on getting more traffic and conversion.

6. How to make money with affiliate programs without a website?

You can make money with affiliate programs without a website on your YouTube Channel, Telegram Channel, Instagram and Facebook Pages.

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