How To Make 30000 Quickly Online in India 2024

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Hello, my dear friend, I hope all of you are doing well. Today in this article, I will talk about how to make 30000 quickly online in India 2024. On our website, I already published many articles on money-making. Today’s blog is slightly different but very informative. I will share my experience so you can make 30000 quickly online in India.

Look, I come from a very middle-class family in India. I know that a family of 4 people can run on a 20,000 monthly income if there are no health expenses or children’s education expenses. If you are a follower of my LinkedIn profile, I shared this in many posts that I started writing blogs in November 2019 and before that, our family income was less than 10,000 a month. But still, we all were happy. Now when I started earning more we did not change our lifestyle much because online income is not reliable. Besides this, we love to live a middle-class life.

This is the intro part of this article and I strongly recommend you to read this very carefully. You can start your online career today without any investment or a very low investment and can grow it to sky level. It’s not a big deal. But if someday everything stops then you have to face a lot of challenges, and problems and deal with many circumstances single-handedly. So, my request to all of you do whatever you are good at to make money online but don’t change your lifestyle much.

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Make Money Online

There was a time when people worked day and night just to earn some money. At that time most people had to work and stay outside the house to earn. And nobody likes that. At that time, people had very few options for earning from their own homes. Some of them were farming, tuition teaching, or working in an office near home.

Fortunately, now we have many such jobs that we can do from home and earn a good income. Yes, I am talking about online income. Online income is not that easy as I say. The only good thing is that we can do everything from anywhere. There are various ways to earn online like content creation, freelancing, UX or UI design, graphic designing, video editing, teaching, social media coaching etc. There are many different types of content creation platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. You have to figure out what you can do best and what is made for you.

It took almost 3 years for me to understand that YouTube is not for me and that maybe Blogging is a perfect fit for someone like me. It’s not because I was a bad-looking boy. But the reason was I was a shy person. Let’s suppose you can make good designs but you are trying very hard to become a Daily Vlog like Mumbaiker Nikkhil or Sourav Joshi. Maybe you can be a good vlogger like them but what you can do for a long without any issue is graphic designing because it’s your passion.

In online, the limit is sky-level. You have to do hard work during the initial days and then your work will make money for you. The advantage is online earning is your work will stay there forever and day by day your income will keep growing.

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How Much Money Do I Need

Our famous Bengali actor Sabyasachi Chakraborty (Beni Da) once said that one does not need to earn more than what he needs. And I believe it too. But it does not mean you have an opportunity to make some extra money and you won’t grab it.

If you have just started earning money or will start soon then don’t think much just focus on your work. Because if you focus on your work then your work will make money for you. I believe a family of 3 or 4 people can live their life happily with 20,000 to 30,000 rupees monthly income. But there is something else that you have to keep in mind like investing, health emergencies, children or spouse expenses etc. In that case, you have to start saving today and that’s why making money from an early age is very important.

Let me tell you something, if any of your competitors is making more money than yourself then don’t get demotivated because it’s a very common thing in this industry. Just take some time maybe one or two years and give your 100% towards your work. Some people make more money with less effort and some work hard and publish quality content but still make a very low amount. Be happy with what you have been given and do your work.

How To Make 30000 Quickly

Some people make 30000 in an hour, some make in a day and some make 30000 in a month. It’s not something that I am talking about. I am talking about there are many people who still struggle to make a significant amount online. And my job is to help them. I know some strategies that you can implement to make 30000 quickly online in India 2024.

1. Content Writing

The best way to make money online in my opinion is by writing. Although it’s not something that everyone can do. Writing is a very boring and time-consuming work for a lot of people if you are not a passionate writer. If you ask me about my story then I shared it many times in my YouTube videos and LinkedIn posts during my initial days, I wanted to become a video creator but due to one single room for my family, I couldn’t make more videos and I was a very shy person too. I wanted to do something for my parents and came to know that Blogging is something that I can do just by writing and without showing or telling something. It amazed me and eventually, I became a blogger.

Many Bloggers or companies in India are looking for new or experienced content writers who can write content for them. You can contact them through their social media or by mailing them and showcasing your writing skills. Maybe they will ask you to provide sample work or writing examples. If they think you are a good fit for them then they will hire you as a full-time or part-time content writer and pay you 0.30PPW to 1 or 2 rupees per word or even more. It depends on your skills.

Another thing that you can do is to become a freelance content writer. It’s not easy to start your journey as a freelance content writer and get paid from the very first day. You have to build your personal-brand on LinkedIn or other platforms to get client work. But this is a very good way to start your online journey. A very good example of this is Saheli Chatterjee. You can follow her journey to get motivated and start writing online.

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2. Graphic Designing

Many creators are trying very hard to start their businesses. In this case, they need manpower. Content Creators do everything alone but it’s not so easy. They shoot, edit, publish, research, manage profiles and repeat the same day by day single-handedly. It’s not their choice but they are doing this because they have not found someone who can help them.

Graphic designing is a skill that can be very helpful for you to start making money online. You can learn how to make good thumbnails and how to design a good carousel for LinkedIn or Instagram, how to design eBooks, social media posts, cover photos and everything. Creators are ready to hire a good designer because they want more quality content but they don’t have time. You can reach them, showcase your work samples and get client works. You don’t need to buy a laptop or expensive software for this. All you need is a mobile, Canva app and some creativity. LinkedIn is a very good platform for getting work from high-paying clients.

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3. Website Creation

Websites or Blogs are becoming very boring in the audience’s eyes because they have a better choice to consume content like video platforms. But still brands, creators and companies want to build their website. It has a reason. I am writing this content on a platform which is also a website. Nowadays many creators want to sell their products like courses, eBooks and merchandise and in this case, they need a strong landing page or website. Apart from that, new brands or companies are also looking to build professional websites to show the world their identity.

You can learn how to build a website from YouTube or take a course online and then help clients build their portfolio website or professional website. Many brands will hire you to manage their website too if they find you are capable of doing this. I think website creation is a very good way to make 30000 quickly online in India 2024.

4. Social Media Manager

I don’t whether you follow big brands, founders, CEOs or celebrities on social media. If you follow then you must have noticed that many of them are not running their social media on their own, they have a team. And this is what I am telling you. You can become a social media manager who can help a particular creator or a few creators manage their profile and grow their profile. Nowadays it’s a harsh truth that cricketers, film stars or even other celebrities try to post as much content as possible on social media just to grab the attention. It’s a very good opportunity for you to become a team member of themselves. Start your journey by helping some small creators around you and then eventually reach big names with some proof in your hand.

5. Short Form Video Creator

Short-form videos are an easy way to get success on social media. Many creators have gone viral within a few weeks just because they were consistent with short-form content. Instagram is a very good platform in India to grow with short-form content. The two things that required to go viral one is storytelling and the other one is editing. If you don’t want to make videos for yourself but you have very good video editing skills then you can use it and make 30000 quickly online in 2024.

There are many apps like CapCut, VN, KineMaster, Inshot, Alight Motion etc which you can use to edit clients’ videos with just a normal Android phone. A laptop or PC is a good option for video editing but if you watch videos on YouTube then you can find that mobile video editing is a very easy and time-saving process. 99% of the creators or editors are using either CapCut or VN to edit client videos and charging 1000 to 10000 per reel. Now it’s your decision whether you want to start your journey or not.

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6. Video Editor

Many creators are going viral within a few weeks with the help of trending audio and short-form video content. I think it’s a good option to make quick money but to gain fame along with money we have to focus on long-form video content. And this is only possible on YouTube. You, me and everyone treat YouTube as a movie-watching or long video-watching platform. If you think for a while that if I ask you to name a few creators who you follow then the chances are you will name creators who are making videos on YouTube and not only on Instagram.

Video editing is a very demanding skill in 2024. You can easily make 30000 quickly online in India 2024 with the help of video editing whether it is short-form or long-form. Normally, long-form videos take a lot of time to edit because you have to arrange clips with a story, background music, elements, graphics and everything. You can edit YouTube videos for clients on Mobiles but the chances are they won’t hire you because if they are paying money then they will hire an editor who edits on Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects. I want to suggest you help creators by doing editing works for free or a very small amount and try to learn to edit with computer software and start working with a PC.

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7. Instagram Theme Page

Ok, you want to make money online but you don’t want people to know you. You want something without showing your identity right? Great, no issue. Instagram theme pages are an option that you can take. I think it’s not a bad option to make 30000 quickly in India 2024. First, you have to decide on a niche like sports, finance, education, entertainment, video editing tutorial etc. It will be very good if you select a micro niche like cricket or only IPL from the sports niche. This will help you to get targeted clients and go viral during the season time.

There are multiple ways to make 30000 quickly from Instagram theme pages like affiliate marketing, sponsorship, brand deals, story promotion, collab reels or by selling your Instagram page. I would like to suggest you start a page and grow it first and then with the help of your first page you can start and grow multiple pages within a short period.

8. Freelancing

I already spoke about graphic designing, content writing and video editing. All of these are a part of Freelancing. To start freelancing you have to learn a skill. There are multiple skills but you can learn and use them to make 30000 quickly online in India 2024. To start Freelancing you can use platforms like Upwork, Guru, Freelancer, Fiverr, LinkedIn etc. I think LinkedIn is the best platform to build your personal-brand and get freelance clients.

If you need any kind of motivation then go to LinkedIn and scroll about your niche. There you will find out some of the top creators or freelancers. Later to know more about them and how they became so popular you can follow their Instagram and Twitter profile too. Vedika Bhaiya, Saheli Chatterjee and Ishan Sharma are a few of my favourite Freelancers.

9. Affiliate Marketing

I made more than 1.5 Crore in the past 2.5 years with the help of Blogging. I revealed everything in my LinkedIn posts. OK, let me tell you again my income secrets. The majority of my income came from Affiliate Marketing. It’s not a secret or any rocket science that I cracked and you can’t. Anyone can become an Affiliate Marketer but not within a few days. It will take time.

I think Affiliate Marketing is the best way to make 30000 quickly online in India 2024 without any investment. You just have to find a product and promote it. Whenever someone buys that product with your affiliate link, you will get a commission. The commission depends on the type of products from 1% to 70% or even more sometimes. Try to build your presence on social media and find some genuine products in your niche that can help your audience and then promote it. Telegram Channel is a very good option to make passive income through affiliate marketing.

10. Dropshipping

Honestly speaking, I don’t have enough knowledge about dropshipping. It’s quite similar to affiliate marketing but there are a lot of differences. With affiliate marketing, you can’t decide the commission or your product price. But in dropshipping you can decide your profit percentage or commission. Either you can purchase and then resell the product or you can take the order and the seller will ship the products on your behalf. It’s also a good way to make quick money or start a business online.

FAQs: Make 30000 Quicky Online

1. How can I earn 30000 per month?

There are many ways that you can use to earn 30000 per month online in India. The best way is to join any affiliate program and make money through it. It’s not easy to make 30000 quickly online in India from the starting month but if you stick to it then one day you will make a good amount for sure.

2. What are the best freelancing skills that I can learn to make money online?

Currently, video editing, graphic designing, website design and content writing are some very good skills that you can learn and use to make money online as a freelancer.

3. Where can I start freelancing as a beginner?

If I were you then I would start my journey from LinkedIn. I noticed that many beginners get exposure by posting creative graphic design and tutorial posts on LinkedIn. You can also do the same and get clients for your work.

4. From where I can start earning money from day 1: Blogging or Content Writing?

You can start making money from day 1 if you write for someone else. But if you will write content for your new website then you won’t get any money. But remember one thing it’s always better to start writing for yourself. Let me give you a positive example, if you write a 1000-word article for someone then the maximum they can pay you is 1000 rupees. But if you write it for your blog then it will appear forever and whatever money you will make from that article, will be yours.

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