10 Best Mobile Part Time Jobs Without Investment in India 2024

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Money is something that every one of us wants to live a happy life. Nowadays earning money is not too difficult a task especially when you have the power of the Internet and Mobile in your pocket all the time. Today in this article, I am going to write about the 10 best mobile part time jobs without investment in India 2024. If you have a Smartphone which is working and a good internet connection then you can do a lot of things online to make money from home without investment.

There was a time when people had to do everything with manpower, pen and paper mode. But thanks to the internet, now we can do without using a pen, paper or something like that to make money. You can search for a job, apply for a job or give an interview just by using your Phone and sitting at home. Isn’t it amazing? Not only that, you can start a business and promote someone else’s product without having a store or managing the headaches like taking orders, managing the products or shipping but you can still earn a good percentage of commission. To do things like that all you need is a skill, the intention to make money online, an internet connection and your Smartphone.

In 2017-2018 when I was a college student, I was also searching for Mobile part time jobs without investment in India. However, due to my bad luck or lack of good content, I did not get any proper results. Now if you search the same query again that I used to search back in 2018 ‘Mobile part time jobs without investment in India‘ then you will get a lot of proper solutions. Now you have a lot of options, some of which are listed below.

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Mobile Part Time Jobs Without Investment

I have two smartphones iPhone 13 and Redmi Note 8 Pro. Both are very different from each other in price features and other things. But to make money online through Mobile part time jobs without investment, you won’t need an expensive phone like iPhone 13 or others. What I am trying to say is if you have a skill and if your Mobile is good enough to browse the internet then it’s good to go. I personally feel anyone who knows basic English, can use their Mobile phone to make money online.

A skill is important to learn before starting any business or a job be it full-time or part-time. Back in 2017-18 when I was a college student I tried very hard to become a YouTuber. I failed but I learned the basics of YouTube like how to make videos, how to tell a story, how to make Thumbnails, how to engage etc. Later I learned how to blog and luckily it worked for me.

There are many skills that you can learn through the internet without spending a single amount. Now when I have knowledge and experience in many skills I want to start a course and become an Entrepreneur like Ankur Warikoo or Ranveer Allahabadia. But honestly speaking, I never bought a course to learn what I know today, what I do today to make money. So, my point here is all you can learn from the Internet (YouTube, Blog etc.) with no investment.

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Best Smartphone Part Time Business Ideas

Create a YouTube Channel and make videos.How To Start
1. ReferralCreate a YouTube Channel and make videos.
2. BloggingStart a Blog and write articles.
3. YouTube ChannelCreate an YouTube Channel and make videos.
4. Content WritingTake your time, research and write content.
5. CopywritingObserve other creators and work like them.
6. Social Media InfluencerMake viral content and better content than others.
7. Ghost WritingCreate content for someone else by their name.
8. FreelancingWork for someone and make money.
9. Local SEOImprove offline businesses’ online presense.
10. DropshippingCreate an online store and Shopify and start.
11. Affiliate MarketingPromote products online and earn a commission.
12. Online TeachingTeach students online and earn tuition fees.
13. Graphic DesignerDesign Thumbnails and posters for creators.
14. Short Video EditorEdit crisp and engaging viral short videos for creators.
15. Video EditorCheck grammar, data and stats of content.
16. ProofreadingWrite an E-book and sell it on Amazon or InstaMojo.
17. Telegram ChannelStart a Telegram Channel and promote products.
18. Online CourseCreate an online course and sell it to make money.
19. Create an EbookWrite an Ebook and sell it on Amazon or InstaMojo.
20. Mobile Recharge StartupRecharge for others and earn some extra money from them.

1. Refer Friends and Earn Money

Apps like PhonePe, Google Pay and Paytm come with a referral offer. These are UPI money transfer apps which help us to transfer money online through our Smartphones only. UPI Apps have an option to refer friends and earn money. Not only in UPI Apps, some investment apps or gaming apps also run referral programs.


I feel if you are a student who wants to work for a few hours daily then this is the best option for you without any headache. This is the best mobile part time jobs without any investment if you have a good number of friends or a group of people on any online platform then you can easily make ₹500 to ₹1000 daily.

You might be wondering how to make money by referring friends. OK, let me tell you how. Apps like PhonePe, Google Pay or Paytm will give you a ₹100 or ₹125 for one successful referral. If your referred friend completes their profile and makes their first money transfer then you will get a ₹100 or ₹125 whatever the app is promising. Like this, search for more refer and earn apps and read their T&C then select a few apps as per your choice and start referring.

2. Blogging

I am a Blogger and I will always tell you that blogging is the best career option online. I made everything from Blogging income and I know you can do the same. To earn money from Blogging, you have to start a blog first. A person can start their Blog for free or by purchasing a domain and hosting by investing a few dollars. It’s better to invest a few dollars (maybe $50/year) than to start it for free. Because the competition is very high you will have to do a lot of things manually in your free blog. After that by writing SEO-friendly articles and trending posts, you can make money with AdSense and Affiliate.

When I started a blog I thought it’s better to buy a laptop and premium domain hosting would be better. I still think a premium domain and hosting is a better option than starting a free blog. But nowadays when Mobile Phones are very advanced and can do a lot of things, the laptop is not necessary to start a blog or become a blogger. I also use my Mobile for my work when I am travelling and outside my home. No doubt blogging is a very good mobile part time jobs without investment if you can give 3-4 hours daily and work consistently with patience for at least 6 months. Apart from Google AdSense and Affiliate Marketing, Sponsorships, Link Exchange and Blog Selling, services are some good money-earning options through a blog.

3. YouTube Channel

Whenever someone talks about earning a good amount online without investing a single rupee the first option that comes to my mind is YouTube. This is the best mobile part time jobs without investment in India or anywhere you live. To earn money from YouTube, you need a YouTube Channel which you can create for free through your Smartphone and do everything from your Smartphone. Different earning options are available from a YouTube Channel. Google AdSense, Affiliate Marketing and Sponsorships are the three most used options that YouTubers use to make money from their YouTube Channel.


Creators on YouTube who have 1,000 Subscribers and completed 4,000 hours of watch time in the past year are eligible to make money from YouTube AdSense. Video making is not everything on YouTube. You can create a random video and upload it on YouTube within a few minutes. But that does not give you subscribers or watchtime. You have to create engaging content with good story telling which people love to watch. By uploading and improving day by day you will understand how to YouTube. Thumbnail plays a major role in getting a video viral. So, work hard on improving your videos and thumbnails.

4. Content Writing

Blogging is something that may ask you for a little bit of investment or you have to do a lot of things apart from writing articles. In case, you are looking for some different kind of mobile part time jobs without investment where you will do some tasks and money will come to you then Content Writing will be the best option for you.

This mobile part time job won’t ask you to invest any rupee. You need a Smartphone, internet connection and an app where you can write content maybe Google Docs, Notepad or something like that. Thereafter you have to go through LinkedIn, Fiverr or contact any Blogger for work. They will ask you for a sample article or write them a few articles for free and then hire you on a full-time or part-time basis. Nowadays bloggers like me are paying 30-60 PPW (paisa per word) to freelance content writers. Also, there are Bloggers or Agencies who pay more than 1 rupee per word for SEO-friendly content.

5. Copywriting

Honestly speaking, this is a type of work that I find very difficult. I am not a bad copywriter instead I am a zero-talent copywriter. You pay me I will write good content or create a beautifully designed website for you. But Copywriting is something that is not my cup of tea. Copywriting is a summary of a long piece of information. People who are experts in it earn lakhs without investing a single rupee. You can learn these skills by observing Copywriters around the world on their Social Media. Copywriting is a very good mobile part time jobs without investment in India if you can learn this skill.

6. Social Media Influencer

Creators are everywhere, especially on social media platforms. Nowadays young audiences are more fans of their favourite social media creators than movie actors. It has a reason we can feel and connect with the influencers more than anyone else. Some of the famous creators of my favourite are Ranveer Allahbadia, Ankur Warikoo, BB KI Vines, Saheli Chatterjee etc.

You can also become a creator like them by just using your Smartphone. Even your favourite creators also did the same. They also started their career and journey through their Smartphones only. Content is the primary thing that matters more than any expensive gear. There was a time when YouTube was the primary earning platform for creators. But now you can make money from Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms too. You can start this mobile part time jobs without investment through your smartphone only and make money by doing brand collaboration and sponsorships.

7. GhostWriting

We see a lot of text content on our favourite creators on their Facebook posts, LinkedIn posts, Twitter posts, Instagram bio or YouTube video descriptions and praise them. But what surprises you is that many of the contents that you are reading from your favourite creator’s post are not written by them. They write from someone and post it on their profile to get engagement and views and stay connected with the audiences. This is what people call ghostwriting.

Ghostwriting is something that you can start from your mobile and earn thousands of money working from your home for 2-3 hours daily. I think Ghost Writing is one of the best mobile part time jobs without investment in India that you can start with your low-budget smartphone. All you have to do is to observe that creator’s audience, their previous post and what type of content their audience likes from them and create content like that. In return for doing this, the creator will pay money to you. Apart from social media captions, descriptions or posts, you can write content by someone else’s name.

8. Freelancing

This is the most hyped business idea or online work. Check LinkedIn creators bio, out of 10 people 8 are Freelancers. Either they are a freelance content writer, a freelance graphic designer or something else. But everyone is a freelancer. So, what does it mean? Let me tell you about these mobile part time jobs without investment in details.

Freelancing is a skill that you can’t learn overnight. By doing and taking tasks more and more you can become a good freelancer. Platforms like Fiverr, Upwork and LinkedIn will help you to take projects from clients and by completing the task within the given time you will earn ratings, feedback and stars which will help you to grow more on that platform. If you ask me some of the best freelancing work that you can start from your mobile are content writing, proofreading, ghostwriting, graphic designing, short video editing, social media caption writing etc.

9. Local SEO

Local SEO is a very popular business idea or job opportunity that you can start. There are many people who do Local SEO for the nearest businesses in their area by their own business or for their agency jobs. But I have good news for you. If you are a person from a rural area or small town you won’t find any Local SEO expert in your area or company who does the job. This is a golden opportunity for you. Please take this opportunity and become an expert.

I think Local SEO is one of the best mobile part time jobs without investment. You can learn from YouTube and start from your Smartphone. First, go to your nearest shops and convince them that you will rank their company or shop at the top of Google’s search when someone searches something like ‘coffee shoe near me’, ‘restaurant near me’ etc. First, you have to do it for free so that they will give you the job. When they start getting results from your work, you can ask for money, but they won’t deny it. Also, you can start taking on more projects by giving examples of your first Local SEO work that you did for free.

10. Dropshipping

Nowadays many female creators do Dropshipping through Facebook. This is a kind of mobile part time jobs that you can start from your home without any investment or a little bit of investment. Meesho and ShopSy are two popular apps that you can use for Dropshipping. What you have to do is buy products from someone at a base price and then you can sell them by adding some extra margin to your audiences. In this case, you need some investment.

Also, you can start it from zero investment. For this, you have to take orders from your customers and then you can add some extra margin and tell your supplier to ship the product to your customer’s address on your behalf. The customer will pay you the amount and you will pay the amount to the supplier after deducting your margin. This is how it works.

11. Affiliate Marketing

People think Dropshipping and Affiliate Marketing are the same. But it’s not. There are many differences one of which is you will earn a commission from Affiliate Marketing whereas you can decide your margin as per your choice in Dropshipping. To do Affiliate Marketing you won’t have to invest a single rupee. This is also a good mobile part time jobs without investment.


Yes, it is true that if you have a Blog then it’s an added advantage for you to generate more sales and earn more affiliate commissions. But YouTube Channel and Telegram Channel are two alternative options that you can choose. For beginners, I will recommend starting a YouTube and a Telegram Channel promoting products on Amazon and making money from Amazon Affiliate. Once you complete ₹1000 in your account, they will send in your Bank your earnings.

FAQs: Mobile Part Time Jobs

1. How can I work with a Smartphone?

Smartphone is a type of device that you can do a lot of things apart from phone calls to taking pictures. Nowadays many people are using their Smartphones to make money online. You can also do the same.

2. What is the best part time job at home?

I am a Blogger so I will always say content writing is the best mobile part time jobs without investment in India. You can write content for your client and make money while sitting at home.

3. How to earn ₹20,000 per month online?

It’s not a very difficult task to earn ₹20,000 per month online. Content Writers, Bloggers and YouTubers are making ₹20,000 per month easily from their homes. But to earn any amount online you need to learn a skill first. Otherwise, you can’t make a sustainable income for a longer period.

4. Do I need iPhone to start a part time business?

No, iPhone is not required to start any part time business. You can start a business online from your home and the Smartphone that you are holding right now. The skills are required but devices are not.

5. How to find part time jobs online?

Naukri, TimesJob and Shine are some good platforms to register and find part time jobs online. But I personally think LinkedIn is the best than others. Here you can post content and grow your personal brand, take freelance work along with finding job opportunities.

Final Thoughts

Today there are very few people who don’t have a mobile phone. Everyone has a personal phone in their pocket. You, I and everyone use our mobile to consume content regularly. But apart from consuming content, you can also use your mobile phone to earn some extra money. That’s what I talked about in this article. Your mobile phone can do a lot of things for you.

I know your mobile phone is not so good, it may be a mid-range or low-budget device. It’s very sad to think but whatever best mobile part time jobs without investment I know I shared in the above paragraphs. I recommend you to please read it very carefully and try to start any of the above work. There is no guarantee of how much money you are going to make. But one thing I can surely tell online business will definitely going to change your financial conditions and help you to become a better version of yourself. Start working hard from today with consistency and keep learning from your mistakes.

I hope you have read the article on 10 best mobile part time jobs without investment in India 2024. If you have any queries then feel free to comment below. Our team will surely go to solve your doubts. Follow me on social media for a 1:1 chat.

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